Explore Pejeng

Explore Festival Tepi Sawah Local Attraction

While the festival offers a curated program during the day, you are very much welcome to wander around the Omah Apik surrounding! The festival is situated in the middle of a charming local Balinese neighbourhood makes it possible to experience the culture and tradition, and if you like, to spend some time with the local families, getting to know their way of life, making friends, learning the local Balinese Language and exchanging cultures.

Self Guided Trekking

Explore within the convenience of being close to home. Find attraction within walking distance from Omah Apik. Starting with the exploration of the wide open terraced rice fields with its Subak Irrigation System that is just a step away from our property. Click on the picture below to explore our homemade trail map, or ask a copy from Omah Apik front desk.

Heritage Visit Map - West Omah Apik
Heritage Visit Map - South Omah Apik
Heritage Visit Map - East Omah Apik

Ancestry Site Visit

There are Archeological Sites available nearby for you to visit such as Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Candi Tebing Kalebutan, Moon of Pejeng, and the Archeological Museum. Several legendary temples are just around the corner such as Pura Pusering Jagat, Pura Penataran Sasih, Pura Samuan Tiga, Pura Kebo Edan, and Pura Batan Bingin.