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Pasar Senggol

Food Stall & Art Market

The festival also provides food stalls where a wide variety of healthy, tasty, nutritious and eco- friendly food choices will be available. We do not use plastic or Styrofoam materials in packing food. The food vendors will be selected according to the theme of the festival, guaranteed to be safe for everyone and packed with eco-friendly materials.

Pasar Senggol Festival Tepi Sawah
We collect craftsmen and artists to showcase and sell their work in the form of products that prioritizes UPCYCLING, also known as CREATIVE RECYCLING, which transforms useless waste materials or by-products into new materials or products that has a higher quality or environmental value. Vendors will be curated so that items for sale are in line with the festival theme.

Be Our Vendor!

Contact ayudiniparamita@gmail.com for inquiries regarding Vendor/Booth Tenant