“A Manifestation of Our Humanity, Art Talents and Expressions

in Respect of Our Mother Nature”

An eco-friendly two-day festival that feature a wide range of Ethnic-Modern Indonesian creative and collaborative work from various disciplines of arts such as music, dance, theatre, cinematography, visual arts and crafts.


Celebrating the 3rd year of it's unique "Collaborative Arts", the spirit of togetherness of the Balinesse people that has become the main spirit of this festival. FESTIVAL TEPI SAWAH 2019 creates an environment for modern-individual society by presenting various form of artistic activities such as music & dance performances, workshops, art installations, and initiating collaborations between artists and creative workers from various disciplines of arts.

Discover Colorful Culture

Highlighting Indonesia’s culture in arts, music, dance, and nature. Festival Tepi Sawah 2019 is just around the corner (hopefully with a whole lot of sunshine!), we hope to see you there!
Discover Colorful Culture

festival tepi sawah 2019 - the highlight

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